Loxor: The Global Model Agency Setting a New Standard for Model Management

Since its founding, Loxor, an international model agency, has caused a stir in the modeling world. Loxor, which is renowned for its cutting-edge method of managing models, concentrates on branding, social media management, content production, and brand negotiations. Loxor is reinventing what it means to be a successful model in the modern world by committing to supporting diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Sheridan, Wyoming, United States, 2nd May 2023, King NewsWireThe fundamental tenet of Loxor’s strategy is the conviction that every model is distinctive and has a distinct narrative to share. The agency is dedicated to representing its models in a genuine and accurate manner that reflects who they are. Because of this strategy, Loxor has developed a reputation as one of the most prestigious model agencies in the world, representing only the greatest models.

One of the key aspects of Loxor’s approach to model management is their focus on branding. They work closely with their models to help them develop their personal brand and create a strong online presence. This includes developing a social media strategy that aligns with the model’s personal brand, as well as creating high-quality content that showcases their unique personality and style.

“Loxor is a partner in our models’ ascent to success, not merely a modeling agency. We work closely with our models to make sure they are portraying themselves in the best possible way since we feel that their personal brand is just as essential as their physical look,” CEO, Berke Özer.

Another crucial component of Loxor’s strategy for model management is their dedication to social media management. They collaborate closely with their models to build a strong online presence that represents their personal brand since they recognize the significance of social media in today’s society. This entails developing a devoted community of fans and followers as well as producing interesting material that appeals to their audience.

“We collaborate closely with our models to develop a social media strategy that captures their distinct personalities and brands since we are aware of the influence of social media in today’s society. Our models are able to engage with their fans and followers in meaningful ways by developing a strong online presence,” CEO, Berke Özer.

Another area in which Loxor excels is content production. They collaborate with their models to produce top-notch material that reflects their distinct sense of style and personality. This covers everything from journalistic articles to social media updates to photo sessions and fashion displays. The goal of Loxor’s content development strategy is to provide aesthetically appealing, powerful, and meaningful content.
“A crucial component of our model management strategy is producing high-quality content. Our models are more than just pretty faces, therefore we collaborate with them to produce material that reflects their distinct personalities and sense of style,” CEO, Berke Özer stated.

Brand negotiations are yet another crucial area in which Loxor shines. To land brand partnerships that complement their own brands and ideals, they collaborate closely with their models. Working with eco-friendly companies and encouraging sustainability in the fashion sector are examples of this. Loxor is aware of the benefits of forging genuine alliances with companies whose values coincide with their own and those of their models.

“Our models are not just models, but also influencers and ambassadors for the brands they represent. We work with them to secure brand deals that align with their personal brand and values, and promote sustainability in the fashion industry,” CEO, Berke Özer.

Another area where Loxor is significantly changing the modeling profession is through their emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness. They work with international models that have a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and body shapes. Their advertisements and content, which highlight the beauty of each individual, demonstrate their dedication to diversity and inclusiveness.

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