How to use Psilocybin Spores

All you need to know about Psilocybin Spores Usage and their goals in human health.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, United States, 30th May 2023, King NewsWire USES OF SPORES

  • You can use the spores to make tea.
  • You can use them to make bread.
  • You can also make a mushroom butter by soaking the dried shrooms in water and blending them with salt, butter and herbs. Then spread it on toast or eat it with crackers.
  • You can use them to make tea.
  • You can take them orally in a capsule.
  • You can make an extract with alcohol, and then use it as an injectable or nasal spray.
  • You can dissolve the spores in water and spray them on plants, which is what I do.
  • The spores are very stable, which means they will stay viable for years if properly stored and handled. You can store them at room temperature or below in a dark place without worrying about losing potency.

The benefits of using psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms, have been used for hundreds of years to induce hallucinations in humans. The effects of magic mushrooms can be felt within 30 minutes and can last up to 6 hours. In small doses, magic mushrooms can produce euphoric feelings and even hallucinations. In larger doses, they can cause nausea and vomiting and even panic attacks.

What are psilocybin spores.

Psilocybin spores are a type of fungus that’s often used in magic mushrooms. They’re produced by the psilocybe cubensis mushroom, which is also known as the liberty cap mushroom or golden top.

The spores can be used to make tea, but they need to be cooked first. The spores are extremely fragile and will simply break down if you try to eat them raw.

It’s important to note that this method isn’t approved by any health authorities. There is no evidence that consuming psilocybin will cause any harm, but it’s still a good idea to avoid consuming anything that hasn’t been tested for safety by a qualified expert.

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